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Down on you

12. prosince 2014 v 19:22 | Posted by BillundTom
Can I drive you home
Can I crash into your life
Can you fix my soul
Can you break my heart tonight

Some angels don't cry
And we are, we are
Just the two of them
And we're falling through the sky
And tonight


12. prosince 2014 v 19:21 | Posted by BillundTom
I'm trying to tell you
I'm trying to know you
I'm dying to show you
Fighting to get you

As soon as you have me
You go and drop me
It's cruel when you burn me
I love how you hurt me


12. prosince 2014 v 19:17 | Posted by BillundTom

I've never seen anything else
Quite like you
You look at me vacantly empty
Just stare right through

I'm such a sad, sad sight
It's such a cold, cold night

That Day

12. prosince 2014 v 19:16 | Posted by BillundTom
Rain falls
It don't touch the ground
I can recall
An empty house
You say I'm fixed
But I still feel broken ...
Lights on
Lights off
Nothing works
I'm cool
I'm great
I'm a jerk
I feed myself lies
With words left unspoken
Gonna be ok
Gonna be ok
One day
One day

Hey you!

12. prosince 2014 v 19:14 | Posted by BillundTom
Come on, you can look at me
I don't need to fit in
Stand up, if you give a damn
It's the livin' season
Who and what your're looking for
Have you got a reason
You can, if you wanna see
Touch I'm only human

Love and death

12. prosince 2014 v 19:13 | Posted by BillundTom
I can give you
You can give me
You are with me
I am with you
Join me in

Zoom in to me

12. prosince 2014 v 19:12 | Posted by BillundTom
Is there anybody out there
Walking alone
Is there anybody out there
Out in the cold
One heartbeat
Lost in the crowd
Is there anybody shoutin'
What no one can hear
Is there anybody drownin'
Pulled down by the fear
I feel you
Don't look away

Phantom Rider

12. prosince 2014 v 19:11 | Posted by BillundTom
Gas and blood
It's all I've got
In you I trust
The final exit's
Passin' by
The wheels run free
Under me
It's you
I feel
A million sparks are
Falling down
I turn the whell around


12. prosince 2014 v 19:09 | Posted by BillundTom

I feel lost
In myself
There's an alien in me
Who are you
Who am I
Blood is all I see
The words in the mirror
Are makin' me shiver

Human connect to human

12. prosince 2014 v 19:08 | Posted by BillundTom
We meet somewhere
One night to share
Just you and me
We spread the seed
Our schedule
So natural

The Pain of Love

12. prosince 2014 v 19:04 | Posted by BillundTom
The pain of love
Won't break us up
We don't need your salvation
The pain of love
Will never stop
We are our own creation
The pain of love
Lives in our hearts
It's deeper than the ocean
The pain of love
Waits in the dark
We take it in slow motion

Forever Now

12. prosince 2014 v 19:03 | Posted by BillundTom
I look up
There are dark flames comin' down
My parachute
Can't bring me back to the ground
I lose my faith
When I watch the fadin' lights
Just your shadows touch
Makes me feel alive

Dogs Unleashed

12. prosince 2014 v 19:01 | Posted by BillundTom
Don't wanna run on your command
Don't wanna keep on commin' back
Don't wanna swallow all your lies
Wanna feel alive
Don't wanna hold on to your truth
Don't wanna keep on lovin' you
Don't wanna look through jaded eyes
Wanna feel alive


12. prosince 2014 v 12:49 | Posted by BillundTom
Against love
Against the fight
Against the sun
Against the night
Against the rules
Against the force
Against the wall
Against it all

World Behind My Wall

12. prosince 2014 v 12:48 | Posted by BillundTom
It's raining today
The blinds are shut
It's always the same
I tried all the games that they play
But they made me insane
Life on TV
It's random
It means nothing to me
I'm writing down
What I cannot see
Wanna wake up in a dream


12. prosince 2014 v 12:47 | Posted by BillundTom
You're automatic and you're heart's like an engine
I die with every beat
You're automatic
And your voice is electric
Why do I still believe?
It's automatic
Every word in your letter
A lie that makes me bleed
It's automatic
When you say things get better
But they never

Dark Side Of The Sun

12. prosince 2014 v 12:45 | Posted by BillundTom

On the TV, in your face
On radio
It's a riot, it's a riot
They say no
You are frantic, don't you panic
Let it go
We are, we are, we are


12. prosince 2014 v 12:44 | Posted by BillundTom
Come On!
There are days
When you feel so small
And you know
You could be so tall
You think you got no choice
Look at the earth
Look what we do
Here and now
We need you
Silence can destroy
Get up and raise your voice

1000 Oceans

13. července 2008 v 14:36 | BillundTom

1000 Oceans

Final Day

10. června 2007 v 16:31
Final Day