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Tokio Hotel member Tom Kaulitz ought to hit a 21-year-old fan at a petrol station in Hamburg

Young woman wanted a photo and was pelt with a burning cigarette by Tom Kaulitz. She squeezed it out directly on Tom's car, whereupon both started to argue. The 21-year-old is supposed to be such badly injured so she became deaf on one ear. Tom Kaulitz wasn't interviewed yet.
Date: Wed, 15th of April, around 11:30 pm
Location: Hamburg, Germany

During an argument at a petrol station in Hamburg, Tom Kaulitz, member of the world-famous teenie-band Tokio Hotel, ought to hit a 21-year-old woman. According to first perceptions the woman was supposed to recognize the musician in his car on the grounds of a petrol station in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, thereupon she knocked against the window of Kaulitz' car to ask for a photo of the 19-year-old. Reputedly Tom threw his cigarette after her. She picked it up and squeezed it out on the car-window. The musician ought to get off his car and started to argue physically. The woman declared to was beaten by him so badly, that she went deaf on one ear. She was provided by a emergency doctor and was brought to a hospital in Hamburg, after police officers diagnosed some light injuries within her face.
Tom Kaulitz already left the place before the police arrived and couldn't be polled yet.
How seriously injuredthe 21-year-old really is and why it came to the argument is currently still Inexplicit. Also it could be possible that Kaulitz threw out his cigarette not to be photographed smoking and the circumstance escalated after
the young woman crushed out the fag at the musician's expensive car

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