Tokio Hotel - The incredible rock band!

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Create a band and spread the music around there isn't that impossible nowadays. But be a German group and keep on the musical industry is a big thing. You already know about who we are talking about, right?
Tokio Hotel is everything!
Forget about the first impression caused by Bill Kaulitz, the vocalist with the puffy hair and make-up, style smoked eyes. Concentrate yourself in the sound, in the beats, in the melodies and on the lyrics of the band that, since 2001, already sold more than 3 millions of CD's and DVDs just in their mother country.
Their music style?
Rock with chorus that remember the pop, punk and some balades.
Bill Kaulitz (the vocalist with a weird style), Tom Kaulitz (twin brother of Bill), Gustav Schafer and Georg Listing are Tokio Hotel, phenomenon that conquered Europe and, now, start rocking the Americas. This year, the band were at the United States and Mexico.
And why they didn't come to Brazil?
Well, because the fans didn't invite them,so they didn't! Still, the record company, Universal Music, didn't confirmed any plans to bring the band to the country. It just remains to wish.
Bill Kaulitz :"The lyrics are important for us. The best part of being a musician is being on stage and see a ocean of people singing the musics".
Job: Musician
Tom: "
Performing live is everything for us. When we started in little clubs and bars. Sometimes, we did shows for five people. Now, we sell tickets and we sold out stadiums. It's unbelievable this kind of success. We have to thank all day because we have all this"

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