Tour San Francisco with George!

19. září 2008 v 23:28 | Posted by BillundTom |  Interviews
Interviewer: Where to go? Georg: The Golden Gate Bridge ... to make a sightseeing trip! Georg: My original plan was to have breakfast with Gustav V 10 and then to explore the city. But Gustav overslept and had a really "cool" idea to shop in the mall next to the hotel. I shop everywhere, so I decided to go to the Golden Gate Bridge alone and walk it there. Georg: Wow, great! Georg: Right now we are in the middle of Golden Gate Bridge and we have a magnificent view of the San Franicso. And what you see when you look down ?.... Ricola Candy Interviewer: We did so half of the journey - what is there? Georg: Very good, very loud, some bikers, I almost ran over, but it is fine. Zmlátím further motorkáře, which to me kind of attack :-) Interviewer: And here we can see the famous island ... Georg: ... this is Alcatraz! Interviewer: With its famous shopping center :-) Georg: ... and where Tom could actually be! Georg: I could survive if I then jumped down into the water? Interviewer: Well, it was in Monsoon from helicopters vyšší.Georg: Yeah, but we skočili on bare ground - no, there was a mattress, which is used in the sport at school . Georg: Come on! Inteviewer: Hey, George, I think your captain, without tebe.Georg just left: Absolutely I do not know what does. I ordered a yacht to remain in Europe - have no idea what is going on. I need you to call and check it :-) Georg: Excellent - I must say that I am a professional, when it comes to photography :-) Georg: I did it ... and suddenly there is relatively quite warm and there is also a very light breeze. There was at dostvítr town really. Interviewer: So, where are we now? Georg: We are at the Hard Rock Cafe - 39th pier There are some fishermen ... Yet this is the Hard Rock Cafe. It seems that there is a lot of tourists - perhaps too much. But we still have to do on your own and looking for what is there nice to see. Georg: I have to see if I landed my captain :-) Georg: Oh, I knew that I woke Gustav ..! :-) ... To get paid? Interviewer: Hey, George, it was here fantastické.Georg: Completely - I really can take "fishing pier" ... Georg: It was a great day ... We took place throughout San Francisco, went to the Golden Gate Bridge, and now I am pretty tired and I want to just fall into bed. It is a big, exciting city, but unfortunately most of the shops were already closed ... but do additional trip!

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