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14. září 2008 v 15:07 | Posted by BillundTom |  Interviews
Tokio Hotel sind vier Mal für die„ MTV Latin Awards“ nominiert
... And will soon be the new album

Tokio Hotel are the top. After Magdeburg teenie sensation Tokio Hotel because dvojčatům Bill (19) and Tom (19) won the "MTV Video Music Awards" as the first German band award for best newcomer, it attracts new valuation ...

In October, flying Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav to Mexico to the MTV Latin Awards. "There are also nominated in four categories: the" Novacek year "," the song "(Monsoon) and the ringing tone." In addition, the get awards also Fanclub group.

But before they go into the studio to complete the third album, said manager David Jost.

This is particularly looking forward singer Bill Kaulitz: "I am not at the stage of getting up early," he said. He hates getting up early, production will be done according to spacího rhythm. "We will begin tonight and we will work late into the night."

See if Tokio Hotel in Mexico will receive awards as the United States. "MTV Latin Awards" will be held on October 16 in Mexico.

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