Success is addictive! (english version)

19. září 2008 v 20:38 | Posted by BillundTom |  Interviews
Rough! Tokio Hotel received the MTV Video Music Awards! Now reveal about their drug ... Everything what is affected is the valuation of gold or platinum! Tokio Hotel 3 years, the first attack on the music world. Since then, is to ignore the fans have never stopped. And now the absolute stone: Tokio Hotel received a price that no one nesnil: MTV Video Music Award in the category "Best newcomer". The peak of their careers! The greatest success! Even with Bill (19), Tom (19), Georg (21) and Gustav (20) put it do not. Because of their competition in the VMAs in Hollywood was great. They have been nominated as a mega star Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Yet they succeeded - as the first German band ever! "With this we are truly account. It is simply enormous," shouts Bill joy. "Only now you do real partying." Since Tokio Hotel are now officially the world's stars, are no longer just for Hollywood. During the show even played our Magdeburčané with Miley Cyrus computer game "Guitar Hero" and gave interviews with the Pussycat Dolls. And AFTERSHOW PARTY boys sat together with Kid Rock, Paris Hilton & co. Evening, to which Bill, Tom, Gustav and Gerog forget in my life. The dream became a reality. But Tokio Hotel are not yet ready. They want everything. Continue to make music. Even more to fill the hall. Upload more CDs: "Success is really addictive. It is our drug. We want more," says Bill. "It brings us a lot of fun. In particular, Tom and I have total workholici. Still write and recording songs or want to go back on tour. Finally, you may live our dream." A Tokio Hotel enjoying every second of their lives. "Any revaluation is for us a new level. Often we ask ourselves: How should still continue? And then came another big event, which shaken our world." And when TH for the first time realized that the stars? "This was the announcement of the price of Comet 2005. We were the first to the big event. When we came back into the hall, all at the same time continue our direction," remembers a Bill. "We came and I thought: What is happening? Who is here that all such rants? We thought fans dychtí after somebody else. Then we received a total that turned everything around us," laughs Tom. "And then when we won awards, so we are mad." But the joy boys still nebrečeli. "But I got tears in the edge a lot," admits Bill. "Because I never wanted to be the fact that public crying." At the awards Europe Music Awards 2007 was Bill but a stone's throw from the "Suddenly we heard our name. Fans across Europe voted for us. We had a complete goose bumps. All of the team vyskočili. Could we at the moment, or they look, otherwise I would not kept. " And what is the recipe for success Tokio Hotel? Why win all the awards? Why have so many fans? "We do not know," laughs Georg. "But we found that it is important from the beginning of all decide. Each e-mail, every photo - passes through our table. I never wanted to be a doll in accordance with the timetable," adds Bill. "I had a lot of people problem. Nothing against nezmohli us." But the fight was hard for - as you can see. What is this mysterious woman who embraced Bill? Dohadují fans is: Who is this blonde who embraced Bill on the VMAs? Do not worry: No new girlfriend, but PR-manager Dunja. Tokio Hotel accompanies almost all the way, organize their photos and interviews - and perfectly you guys understand

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