Pravda o fanynkách a obdivovatelkách! (english)

26. září 2008 v 21:40 | Posted by BillundTom |  Interviews
Germany, France, England and the United States: It does not matter where the guys show - it's the same everywhere: fans who absolutely vyšilují who screams the name of Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and George (21) and who sing all the songs. TH many fans even give some of your precious things clear - for example on large posters written slogans: "Ošukej me through monsun" or "Tom, we want you to suck" so it is quite normal. In the fifth part BRAVO large-series, you guys exclusively reveal what is really between them and their fans ... Bravo: What do you think about some hard slogan from your fans? Tom: I think it is cool that our fans are so precise. Bill: These are our fans. But to be honest: Sometimes we are the breath ... Bravo: What is the most beautiful experience you had so far with the fans? Bill: The first performances after what appeared Durch den Monsun - and suddenly so many fans sang this song alone. Concert even had to cancel because the number was too great. That stunned me! Tom: When we were in Mexico. We had two autograph. Fans were so touched and even wept, because we were there. That was so great. Never before we were in South America and we knew that there we have known. And suddenly there were thousands of people. It was unbelievable. Bravo: There was once a really great situation with the fans? Tom: Oh yes. In Madrid is out of control. Gustav went to his hotel room. But in his bed were groupie. Immediately he wrapped around the neck and was scared. For Bill and my room there was too pretty. Still Klepal, climbed up the fire stairs, completely mad. Bill: Then you suddenly discovered the police. Protlačili and opened the door to my room. "Are you Bill Kaulitz?" cried. Then they took me, and they have surrounded me that I was responsible for the chaos. The problem was that: that speak English, only Spanish. I could hardly understand them. Tom tried to contact our security. When you arrived, so it could solve. The police wanted me to take even the police station. Bravo: But here, to have fans Sends far, right? Bill: No, it was traumatic and violent ... Tom: But since we do as a band - so we neotravuje. It is a part of life and are not afraid. It was really great, but too funny. But when we are at home, so we have to be happy. To not give autographs, and the nefotíme. But when we are on the move so it will do. Bravo: Have you ever have to dirty your fans? Tom: We never knowingly not dirty. Mean for us too. Bill: We never sprostého they did not want anything to do. We love it. But everyone has bad days and sometimes it looks bad. Sometimes we can not give autographs. We are under stress and we must continue. We are still on the road for our fans, and certainly not any assholes. Bravo: hand on heart - there were sometimes embarrassing experiences with fans? Tom: no. Only once, the girl wanted to come with me to my room and fell. Bill: And at the airport: Girls zakřičeli "I want to do with you" directly to the absolute silence. It was too embarrassing, but rather for them. Bravo: Tom, how much obdivovatelek will be in the room? Tom: That's hard to say. Excluding this. Bill: Yeah, but just luck. Tom: What do I mean, I have girls in bed more often than go to the bathroom. No, nonsense! Now, seriously: I start to be calmer. Bravo: This is a sign ...? Tom: I can not keep it - but maybe in 19 start to control hormones. Not that the sex was boring everyday. But I prefer the DVD follow-up after dinner. The latter is indeed tiring. In addition, you can already imagine something stronger. But the girl would have to really get to me. Bravo: And the obdivovatelek for George and Gustav? They are so wild as Tom? Tom: As far as we know, so there is nothing. Bill: Neither one of us does not have a girlfriend. Gustav at the beginning of our career had a girlfriend. But even that was nothing serious. Tom: Georg is doing, as if he were macho. I prefer when it is offensive. Bill: Inside, there is a filthy but outsiders are shy. Tom: You need to show what is happening. Certainly there have been some guys who are like, and vice versa. But nobody did a first step. To me it's different - I am like a hunter and collector. Bravo: What about you, Bill - still no kiss for you? Bill: No, not yet. That makes me really sad. I am 19 and totally lacking to me. I would like to be friend with whom I could share a life that would understand everything I do. Even though I have Tom. But I want a girlfriend. Bravo: I offer to you is a big no? Bill: It is difficult to be someone open. I have no time, I was always on the move. When AFTERSHOW party to meet girls, so I never know really what they want. But you can see in the near future, no way - this is wrong. But still I have music, this is my background. And dogs are alternates. Sometimes I would like to have a lot of dogs. Make me happy

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