OK: He Bill disorder diet?

14. září 2008 v 15:23 | Posted by BillundTom |  Interviews
Teenie idol is wasted than ever. Tokio Hotel singer troubling disorder diet?

Dropped trousers, his face is gaunt: The current picture looks like Bill Kaulitz unhealthily thin that it may challenge the question: Is anorektik? Tokio Hotel star denies something like this: "Do not you worry about my diet." It is alleged a lot of Fast Food, noodles and rice milk. But his assurances run into the void. Because: "It is typical that anorektici deny their illness," explains Dr. Thomas Kurscheid, nutrition doctor. "People with disabilities have a distorted perception of their body - they seem too large." However 19letý argues that weighs only 50 kilograms - too little for someone with a height of 177 cm.

It may be underweight course of nature (Bill: "I was always a guest thin!"), Or it may be the response to stressful life in jevištním lighting with regard to performances and tours. However, the expert believes that it is a psychological problem, "Billův life is dominated by managers. It is no wonder that he wants to at least maintain control over its own weight ..."

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