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16. července 2008 v 10:45 | BillundTom |  magen
Tokio Hotel - They really have the look out!
At an open-air-concert in Rome, the super-twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 18) proved once again, that they've style-technically the fully perspective!
The two Tokio-Hotel-Stars wearing at their gig in Italy's capital not only extreme cool clothes, but also mega-phat sunglasses! That makes not just sense in matters fashion - also has a practical benefit.
'Cause thanks to the dark glasses, the "Brillinge*" are perfectly protected by the spotlight and the glaring pyro-effects, so they could focus on the performance of their mega-hits "Monsoon", "Scream" or "Ready, Set, Go!".
Reaction of the Italian fans: scream-alarm!
Georg, Bill, Tom und Gustav are on European-tour at the moment - in the next time they will play in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. After this, the four are going into the studio to work on their third album. Bill (18) writes on the way all his song-ideas down, handles them with the team into new songs. Summer holiday is not in sight for the boys. 'Cause they have to prepare themselves for the next US-trip. "MTV TRL USA" is planning a whole week with Tokio Hotel as from the 4th August. After this will follow an US-tour.
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