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28. července 2008 v 19:52 | BillundTom |  Interviews
Boy of the year! + Tokio Hotel triumph in America!
Not so long time ago we came with idea "Boy of the year" where you had to vote for your most favorite stars and we promised special material about the winner. Popcorn keep their promise. On first place was Bill from Tokio Hotel and here is some actual special about him and all news around Tokio Hotel. And what will be next time? On the second place is actor Wentworth Miller and you will read something about him in next issue. Beautiful third place has Zac Efron from High School Musical and you will find something about him in other issue.
Tokio Hotel triumph in America!
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles - american teenagers are crushed into Bill and co.! But in their homeland are turning their fans to them by back…
"Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Tokio Hotel from Germany!" You can't hear anything in the studio because of crazy scream. Girls are screaming, keeping their posters, some of them have tears in the eyes. Conan O'Brien in his Late-Night-Show had never so big happiness for german band. "Unbeliavable," mumble for himself and turn his head. Already three days before this show were there fans. There were crowd of fans in front of studio for more than two blocks. But only 120 fans had luck and get inside. America has real Tokio Hotel fever! It can be performance, autogramme session or radio interview - all pictures are the same: everywhere are hysterical fans, closed streets! Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav really made it. Nobody believed it - Tokio Hotel made absolutely storm in America! They are already on titles of some magazines, they have special fans (Jay-Z or Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls) and they should have tour with Jonas Brothers on autumn - unbeliavable start in country of all possibilities. Such popularity didn't singer of band even seen in his dreams. Bill: "A long time ago I sat at home in front of posters of famous stars and I told to myself how it would be if person would be such superstar. But that I could get so far, I even didn't dream about this!" But international success has also black sides: in their homeland Germany are loosing Tokio Hotel their popularity and their favor go down. Critics are bigger, many people who supported them showed already to band their backs in anger and first fanclubs are closing. And Tokio Hotel unfortunately are doing nothing to get their fans back. New single or album are not in plan for the soonest future. Instead of that they are playing concerts in abroad like America. New album of TH should be born in the beginning of 2009 - for many fans unfortunately too late!
Bill's statements!
In german magazine "Vanity Fair" was really big interview with Bill Kaulitz. Popcorn brings you the most important statements…
"The most hurt me divorce of my parents in my life. I was seven and I really couldn't understand it. It influenced me really a lot. My biological father is truck driver and live in Hannover."
"School is too less individual. For what I have to learn math when I know that I will never in my entire life need it? I had always horrible marks from musical lessions because I had to sing horrible folk music. It was horror!"
"Nobody can explain how close we are with Tom. We have the same ideas and we have also many time the same dreams!"
"Bill without make-up is for my like different person. If I wouldn't so famous I would be also with make-up. It is simply part of me!"
"It is for me really hard to trust somebody and let him be close to me. I didn't find any new friend in last three years and I even didn't fall in love!"
"My funeral: I am all in black and I have leather jacket. My last wish would be to let them make me some pretty hair-style. Well, I hope I will have some hair in that time. If not so somebody will have to give me wig!"
"I never dance. I always sit in the corner - only in case I am drunk."
- end of article

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1 PAJINKA PAJINKA | Web | 28. července 2008 v 19:52 | Reagovat

ey zase jeden slaďouš:-)mucq!!

ahujky mrkni na muj blog je tam dost zajimawich věciček tag dyštag mrkni kuju :-) páčko

2 PAJINKA PAJINKA | Web | 28. července 2008 v 20:26 | Reagovat

tag že bill je na tom designu sladkej juj:-) ae i normalně tagže neni diwu že je klukem roku:-)!!

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