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FEEL IT ALL TOUR 2015 Trailer

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Chceš vyhrat rucne napsany text od Tokio Hotel?

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Samozrejme ze chcete! Jsou od Hlavního zpevaka Billa Kaulitze z Nového Singu "Love who loves u back".

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Tokio hotel zacatkem brezna zacinaji sve mensi turne po Evrope, celosvetove turne zacne v lete.
Tady jsou terminy.

Tokio hotel are goin' to their small tour in Europe, then in summer They gonna start their worldtour.
More informations about world tour inc.

06/03 London [UK] - Islington Assembly Hall
08/03 Barcelona [ES] - Bikini
09/03 Marseille [FR] - Le Moulin
11/03 Paris [FR] - Le Trianon
12/03 Brussels [BE] - Cirque Royal
14/03 Frankfurt [DE] - Gibson
15/03 Zurich [CH] - Volkshaus
17/03 Milan [IT] - Fabrique
18/03 Munich [DE] - Kesselhaus
20/03 Cologne [DE] - Halle Tor 2
21/03 Utrecht [NL] - Tivoli Vredenburg
23/03 Berlin [DE] - Heimathafen
24/03 Hamburg [DE] - Kulturkirche - sold out
26/03 Vienna [AT] - Arena
27/03 Warsaw [PL] - Stodola

Down on you

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Can I drive you home
Can I crash into your life
Can you fix my soul
Can you break my heart tonight

Some angels don't cry
And we are, we are
Just the two of them
And we're falling through the sky
And tonight


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I'm trying to tell you
I'm trying to know you
I'm dying to show you
Fighting to get you

As soon as you have me
You go and drop me
It's cruel when you burn me
I love how you hurt me


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I've never seen anything else
Quite like you
You look at me vacantly empty
Just stare right through

I'm such a sad, sad sight
It's such a cold, cold night

That Day

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Rain falls
It don't touch the ground
I can recall
An empty house
You say I'm fixed
But I still feel broken ...
Lights on
Lights off
Nothing works
I'm cool
I'm great
I'm a jerk
I feed myself lies
With words left unspoken
Gonna be ok
Gonna be ok
One day
One day

Hey you!

12. prosince 2014 v 19:14 | Posted by BillundTom |  Lyrics - EN
Come on, you can look at me
I don't need to fit in
Stand up, if you give a damn
It's the livin' season
Who and what your're looking for
Have you got a reason
You can, if you wanna see
Touch I'm only human

Love and death

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I can give you
You can give me
You are with me
I am with you
Join me in

Zoom in to me

12. prosince 2014 v 19:12 | Posted by BillundTom |  Lyrics - EN
Is there anybody out there
Walking alone
Is there anybody out there
Out in the cold
One heartbeat
Lost in the crowd
Is there anybody shoutin'
What no one can hear
Is there anybody drownin'
Pulled down by the fear
I feel you
Don't look away

Phantom Rider

12. prosince 2014 v 19:11 | Posted by BillundTom |  Lyrics - EN
Gas and blood
It's all I've got
In you I trust
The final exit's
Passin' by
The wheels run free
Under me
It's you
I feel
A million sparks are
Falling down
I turn the whell around


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I feel lost
In myself
There's an alien in me
Who are you
Who am I
Blood is all I see
The words in the mirror
Are makin' me shiver

Human connect to human

12. prosince 2014 v 19:08 | Posted by BillundTom |  Lyrics - EN
We meet somewhere
One night to share
Just you and me
We spread the seed
Our schedule
So natural

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